IMVU Cheats : Top 10 IMVU Hacks For Unlimited Credits in 2019

imvu cheats

IMVU Cheats

Peoples love to live in a virtual world of imagination, and that is the conception of the new genre of fantasy games. IMVU or Instant messaging Virtual Universe is a game of this genre that is dominating the current imaginative generation.

IMVU Generator

People playing these games are always living a high-end lifestyle, and that requires a large sum of money.

Yes, like the real world, the virtual world of this game is also currency dominated, and the name of that currency is credit. The world of IMVU is credit hungry, and that has led to the demand for free imvu credits through IMVU hack. In this current post, we are teaching you some hacks that will regularly fill in your IMVU wallet at a steady pace.

Top IMVU Cheats, Hack You Must Know in 2019

How to Get Free Credits in IMVU

1. Sign Up Bonus

When you sign up the app, you click on the loop message as yes. Instantaneously you are given a credit bonus of 500 imvu earn credits, and that is your first gift from the game.

2. Account Confirmation:

As you sign up, you are to verify the account. You will find a link in your mail account that you provide as your primary login. Click on the link and verify the account and bang. You get a straight way credit of 2000 points by this imvu hack.

3. Take the tour:

As you download the 3D chat box, you will be prompted to take a tour. Our suggestion is always to make a visit when you are given an option as they can give you some free credit for viewing the features of the app.

4. Accomplish offers:

As you start the game, you will get consistent offers that give you credit points in return. For the imvu hack, you need to undertake some small tasks according to these promotions and offers, and you can gain 1000 imvu credits. It may sometime include a simple task like watching a video also.

imvu credits hack

Top 10 Hacks For IMVU

5. Connect with Facebook

Be a fan of IMVU on Facebook and connect your account with it. As you link the IMVU account and Facebook account and like IMVU, it gives you a free imvu credits of 500. Also, share some of the work at IMVU so that you can be active in the official page of IMVU. Offers are frequent in these pages that gives you ample opportunity as imvu cheats.

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6. Bring your friend to your circle

You will get a welcome code as you accept the IMVU. Share that code with all your friends and request them to join IMVU. As they enter the site through your invitation code, you get a bonus imvu credits point of 1500. Isn’t it the simplest of imvu cheats?

7. Bring your pet:

IMVU allows you to play with your pet. You are allowed one pet to take into your room. Every time a pet accompany you while representing, you get ten credit free as an imvu hack.

8. Earn Credit

From your earn credit tab, you can earn some credit by completing some offer. These offers are not always available so check the tab frequently to get this imvu hack. However, some offer requires to make some purchases. So carefully read the page and do task accordingly.

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9. Request Credit

You can request credit from your friends. Although that is not a very easy process, there is an imvu hack that will be effective here. You can assure that you will compensate credit by a gift. You can get a reward for your friend that can be handy in this way.

10. IMVU cards

IMVU card is another way to get credit, but these are not free. You can get these cards from departmental stores. We always suggest as imvu hack to have IMVU card than using a credit card.

Warning About Credit Reseller

If you are an old IMVU member and come back after a long time, then you must know this imvu credit hack. IMVU has stopped the reselling of credits. SO do not get into the trap of people and never attempt to buy the imvu code from any fake reseller.

How to Earn Free Credits in IMVU Using Some Simple Tricks

Use a Separate Email Account

When you are using the IMVU game, you are prompted with tons of thousands of emails that are not very useful and spam. Using your primary email account and connecting it with IMVU is therefore not recommended at all. Imvu cheats suggest creating a dedicated email that you can use for this purpose so that you do not lose your essential emails in the flood of IMVU promotion mails.

Avatar Name

Your virtual world name is the gateway to your success in life. As you complete the sign-up process and all the formal way to enter the site, the first thing you have to do is the selection of your avatar and its name. The name should be very catchy and short such that it creates an impact on other users. Keep in mind that IMVU charges imvu earn credits to change your name.

Spend Cautiously

We are not telling you to be a cheapskate but an extravagant expense of credit will always keep you on scarcity, and that can lead to you a general frustration; not suitable for a healthy avatar. Therefore as a primary imvu hack of the game always keep a close eye on your spending. Control your temptation on buying accessories as they are purely cosmetic in comparison to your look.

Get inspiration from DOC

You can be easily spotted as a new user if you are using the default head and body of IMVU. So you need to change your outfit as early as possible. Primarily we suggest getting inspiration from the Daily outfit challenges. The participants have better AVIs than the natural look, and you can take inspiration from them. Add these outfits in your wish list to get them at a later date.

Getting friends

IMVU is all about enjoyment. So making friends is the way how you can socialise with others. Also, you can have attention and popularity that these friends can give away gifts to you, which can help customise your avatar. However, also it is not the same always. You may encounter some disturbing people even whom you can block.

Take care in creating friends so that they do not become IMVU cheat for you.

Join the creator programme

If you have innovative talent that you are into creating accessories and others for IMVU, then you can join the creator’s programme. However, you require a VIP membership for that. Create apparel and other things and earn credit in return.

What is the IMVU Credit Generator?

As a frequent theory, hunger generates the path of illegal ways and force people to find ways to cheat. IMVU is also no different; meaning people here are desperate enough to kill people for credit. As a result, the sites like IMVU credits hack generators are taking such advantage.

imvu credits generator

IMVU Credits Generator

Few sites are claiming that they are distributing imvu codes through their online generator. These sites are completely fake and do not produce any credit. On the contrary, they give you some unwanted app or software that might damage your system.


Here is the end of our post for IMVU hack. You must have understood by now that IMVU is a game of socialisation and living in your dream.

However, you need to play that keeping the reality in mind so that you never run out of anything that hampers the real enjoyment.

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