Megapolis Cheats : Top Megapolis Hacks For Unlimited Megabucks

megapolis cheats

Megapolis Cheats

Megapolis Cheats : Top Megapolis Hacks For Unlimited Megabucks : When you start the game Megapolis, you are provided with a tutorial that helps you to understand the basic rules of the game. Whereas there are so many nits and grits that you need to learn through the journey of gameplay.

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Here are our Megapolis cheats that are all dynamically functioning and will give you an overall idea of the Megapolis.

Top Megapolis Hack Cheats and Tips You Must Know in 2019

1. How to Get Megabucks

Mega Bucks are the prime currency of Megapolis having the capability to buy a lot of infrastructure resources for the game. When you begin the game, you are gifted a few megabucks which may come handy in the initial phase of the game.

However, you can gain additional megabucks through some of the following Megapolis cheats:

Daily Logins

Like many other games, Megapolis also provides you with megabucks once you login the game consistently. You can earn one megabuck daily if you log in to the game.

Levelling up

Another way to get Megapolis free money is to increase your level. On completing your assignments, you gain SP n the game. There is an XP meter at the top end of the game, which shows how much XP you have gathered and how much XP is required to complete the level. As you achieve that amount, you get a level upgrade sign and you are gifted with megabucks.


Megapolis is an achievement based game, and as you complete the result, you can see what reward you are having. In most of the cases you are given gold as a reward, but some critical achievements give you megabucks also.

Megabucks are an essential currency in the game since there are some of the structures are only available through mega bucks only. In general, you can buy significant resources through gold coins. Megabucks is there for very essential to save and secure a future of your city.

2. Start your game with achievements

Thus it is our hack that you start playing through the achievement-driven path. On the left side, you will find a coin that shows what you need to complete. If you select that achievement and do the work, then only you will get the reward. Be informed that any task you are given to be done through the search button of the achievement tab.

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Even you do the same job without this tab; you will not get the reward. So be careful and use this Megapolis hack always.

3. Increase your population

For your city, the main element that is to be created is the population. As you start the game, you will find a population meter that shows the number of people you are currently having and how much you can enhance. Every level gives you the population cap, and you can increase them by constructing the following Megapolis cheats:

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Residential Buildings

Residential Buildings are the place where your population stay, and by creating more and more structures, you can increase them. These are also an excellent way to enhance your income through tax.

Production Buildings

Production buildings are an essential part of increasing your population cap. From the build tab, you can get the information that which production building increase how much population.

Construction Projects

Various construction project like constructing a bridge also increase the population cap. Furthermore, these can enhance your tax amount.

Decorative Structures

Decorating your city is another way of incrementing your population cap. But you get the actual population through houses.

4. Concentrate on building infrastructure

Constructing infrastructure is also a part that goes hand to hand. As your population increase, you need more energy or water that can be fulfilled through infrastructure buildings. Also, constructing the roads is inevitable to make any house accessible. You will find in the achievement tab several tasks that resort to constructing the resource generating building.

Moreover, you need to construct some mega project like solar energy or nuclear energy plant construction. Our cheats for Megapolis include that; there are times when you get a sale on these items to buy, and that is the right time to get these resources.

Increasing infrastructure also enhance your tax collection from every building. As you provide more and more support, people are liable to give more taxes.

5. Enhance your income through taxes

Taxes are your primary source of income in Metropolis. Also, the tax collection office is an essential building to construct in the game. You can collect taxes through a tax collection office automatically if you employ one person as a tax collector. Now the Megapolis hack is, it may be anyone from your friend list.

Every building in the town is liable to provide taxes. Also, as you improve the lifestyle of the city mates, you can increase the tax collection. So building more infrastructure, resources and decorations are a prime way to enhance taxes. However, there is a balance to be always maintained in collecting taxes to keep your population happy.

6. Administering various contracts

As a part of your achievement goal or in general, you have to execute multiple contracts with the resource buildings. The arrangements may be simple, like getting fresh vegetable from Minimarket. These contracting is quite essential to keep tour habitants happy and resourceful.

These contracts require a time to complete; therefore, the best Megapolis hack is to execute these contracts whenever you are leaving the game for a few time. So if your contract requires three hours to complete you can start when you are going to sleep. By the time you come back, the deal gets completed.

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Some of the articles are referring to an answer of how to hack Megapolis time. Changing the time of your device may accelerate the contract completion. However, that hack will not be useful if you are a cross-platform player. If you play the game simultaneously in mobile and Facebook, this hack will not work.

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7. Territorial Expansion

As you play the game, you will require to expand your city territory. At the start of the game, you will be given a small land that is sufficient to start the game. But that becomes insufficient as the city grows. To expand your area, it requires Acts of territorial expansion. Act of territorial expansion is only available through exchanging with friends. There are no other means to get it. Hence as many as deeds you send you can find the same number in your store.

Now, as you have some act of expansion, you can go to the shop and expansion tab. You will find how much deeds are required to expand the area. If you have so much in your possession, you can expand. Our Megapolis hack is not to spend any megabucks in collecting acts of expansion. If you lack in number, grow your friend circle and get it through them.

8. Stock Exchange

The stock exchange is another place of interest in Metropolis where you get chances to play mini-games and earn rewards. You require a certain level to build the stock exchange, and as you build, you can enter and play the mini-game.

The game is quite simple and continuing. You can earn as much as coins through this until you are forced to stop or lose. However, the catch here is you can play the game only once for free daily in the comparatively lower level. This number of the free game can be enhanced at a higher level when you build the National Bank of Megapolis and Megapolis Federal Reserve.

Now when you resort to playing more game, you need to spend megabucks. As a general suggestion in our Megapolis cheats, we recommend not to waste any megabucks in this incident.

9. Challenges

Challenges and quests are frequently adverted in Megapolis in public events, and that can be a source of coins and resources. In such period you are given additional tasks and on fulfilling you get exclusive discounts or rewards. In some of the event, you get a structure like a tennis court or decorative items free.  So we always recommend in our Megapolis hack to play such challenges without spending any megabucks and earn some petty cash easily.

10. Socialise With Other Players

Megapolis is a game of social environment. As you connect with your social media account like Facebook, you are free to see all your friend who is playing the game simultaneously. Invite as many friends to be your neighbour. The best among cheats for Megapolis is these friends and neighbours are capable of giving you an additional hand in works or exchanging gifts.

Also, keep an eye on the top players of the game from the top right of the game tab. You can find strategies and decoration ideas from these top players. Also visiting these neighbours and top players you may get a chance to extend your helping hand and earn a few megabucks.

What are the Megabucks Generator?

Have you encountered sites that tell you how to hack Megapolis and generate Megabucks unlimited? Yes, on the internet there are thousands of websites claiming to have codes for Megapolis cheats or mod files.

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Megapolis Hack Tool

We are not that genre. Our intention is quite straightforward and aimed to give you Megapolis cheats through its gameplay management.

We also recommend you to keep your eyes away from those Megapolis free megabucks generator sites that only give you false hope and steal your personal information.


Megapolis is a very addictive game among the city building genre, and you can play as much as time you want to devote. There is no limit in the game, and it keeps you hooked up. Follow our listed Megapolis cheats while playing the game and we bet the game will be more enjoyable.

Also, do not enter the Megapolis free megabucks generator site in search of Megapolis free money.

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