Modern Combat 5 Hack Cheats For Free Credits In Game

modern combat 5 hack

Modern Combat 5 Hacks

Till the time humanity and PCs will be there in the world, first-person shooter games will have a place among all the gaming community. Apart from many individuals who like to play it in their way, there is a new concept of multiplayer has been introduced since the gaming consoles have started dominating the world.

modern combat 5 hack tool
Moreover, the high-end graphical design has injected the virtual environment and made these games extremely popular.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is the perfect option for all enthusiastic users whenever you’re looking for the most common sort of FPS match to perform on your phones. This modern combat 5: blackout is the 5th installment of the series and was initially published as a free game to play.

However, at a later stage, the developers introduced the in-app purchases and added the credit points as a mechanism to buy the features.

Simultaneous development at different stages has introduced various campaign mode and multiplayer story. It requires additional gaming resources to be purchased through credit points. As a result, an emergent necessity for Modern combat 5 hack has been observed among the game community.

In this post, we will provide a few workable cheats for Modern combat that are entirely legitimate and using them, and you can gain more gaming resources to win the battle.

Top Modern Combat 5 Hack Cheats You Must Know in 2019

Credits may be bought in the real-world currency in set quantities in Modern Combat 5: Blackout or obtained through campaign missions, multiplayer games and activities. Premium credits, including the status of Supply Packs and Power Users and the rental of arms and weapons, are available.

modern combat 5 cheats

7 Best Cheats For Modern Combat 5

In Dual mode, Players can also venture credits against other players, with the game winner getting them all. However, there are some Modern combat 5 cheats to gain free credit in the game with minimal effort.

1. Link with Facebook

The first Modern combat 5 hack you should do while playing Modern Combat 5 is to link your account with Facebook. You can get a straightway bonus of 300 credits as you connect it. So for the beginner player, this is a sufficient amount of credit and can be done without anything.

modern combat 5 hack tool

2. Daily Login Credits:

Gameloft has introduced a most straightforward Modern combat 5 hack to earn credit through regular login. If you are a consistent player and play the game daily, you can gain 15 credit point daily accumulating 450 credit point in a month. When you are in the beginner stage, these credit point is handful enough for meeting your needs.

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When you are in VIP mode player, you will get double the credits than a standard mode that means 900 credit points monthly.

3. Watch an ad And Get Credit:

Watching ads is another simple way among Modern combat 5 cheats also gives you a free credit. As you login and start game daily, you will get an ad to view. On viewing the ad, you will get an additional 15 credit points accumulating to 450 more credit points in a month.

4. Join a squad:

Playing in the multiplayer squad is another Modern combat 5 hack to get credit points. Once you reach level 10, you get an additional bonus credit point of 22 credits daily resulting 660 credit points in a month.

5. After Match bonus Credit Point:

Modern Combat 5 is all about playing the game and winning. So you have to continuously play the game and learn the gameplay as early as possible. Then you can win the game and get credit points in bonus. Depending on your playing you can earn 20 bonus credit points minimum in the game as a consistent player.

6. Level up and reach platinum:

There is a level up bonus in the game which is next of our Modern combat 5 cheats. As you reach platinum level, you are entitled with 100 credits. So head into the game and reach the level as soon to earn these points. Also, when you reach this level, you will get a regular bonus of 150 per week.

7. Play high roller mode:

Playing high roller matches is another way to earn credits in a fast way. However, you have to gain such expertise to win such battle. You may gain 150 credits in every match. But it is too risky as you have a chance to lose all as well. So if you are a pro gamer, you can go for this Modern combat 5 hack to earn some extra credits. But beginners should stay away from it.

Other in-Game Currencies

Diamond Dust

Diamond dust is another form of game currency that is required to buy boosters in boosted events or to make a deal from the black market. It can also be used to buy a blueprint every five days. For availing the military Support also you can use the diamond dust and at the match end the diamond dust is added to the Players Armour depository. There are few ways to gain Diamond dust:

  • On completing matches, you can win diamond dust.
  • Any end of match benefit that contains an already unlocked blueprint converts to diamond dust
  • In Bounty Hunter class for every kill or weapon pick up, you can get diamond dust.

Gear Tokens

Like Diamond dust Gear token is also another resource that is required to complete blueprint and can be obtained by levelling up and with some bundle reward. You can always see the stock of gear token from the inventory under the consumable tab.

Modern Combat 5 Latest update Tips

Get Best Weapon

You have a lot of guns to choose between, but the easiest way to meet your needs is to be adequately understood. It’s always typical, but attempt to discover the one with the highest precision and the big crosshair. A pistol with greater accuracy will make it easier and more efficient to handle more opponents.

modern combat 5 hack tool

Grow your Accuracy

The crosshair is the indication of the accuracy of your shots. Lesser the crosshair better efficiency is achieved. Although it takes some time to get into this, you have to be aggressive in that case. If you feel to hide behind the guard, then you cannot grow your accuracy.

Choose Auto-Shoot

Due to its stronger shooting possibility, the auto-shoot choice is much preferred, and it is best of the cheats for modern combat 5. You might have to spend some time trying to learn and feeling used to it, but so many advantages can be gained. Let us start by using a beautiful gun and change the power from average to best. Just cross your aim, and it’s accomplished.

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Shoot through Walls

If your opponent is hiding behind a wall, you can hit him without appearing. When you get red signalling in the crosshair, you must know that you can shoot through the wall. Our Modern combat 5 hack is to follow the indication appearing as you have a suitable weapon and can be hit through it.

Knife Hack

Using a knife can be very difficult for many players, but in some instances, it is advantageous.  By default, the blade controls only appear if behind or before an opponent, so it’s dangerous. However there is a hack, place your button of the knife on top of the fire switch and make it of the same size.  It is very efficient and should enhance your knifing.

Get your prestige weapon as early as possible

Prestige weapons are the best thing that is a must in playing the multiplayer matches. You can buy prestige weapons through credit points. Save as much as credit points until you get your first prestige weapon and you will never need to know how to hack modern combat 5.

Get controls of game customised:

Customization is one thing that every player want in FPS games. In Modern Combat 5, you need to keep a keen eye on the personalisation of your control. Start playing with auto sprint, auto crouch and Custom HUD option is one of our Modern combat 5 cheats.

Reload efficiently:

This Modern combat 5 hack should not surprise FPS enthusiasts, particularly handheld game players.  Recharge your weapons immediately by tapping into it. Weapon change implies your thumb is gliding through the display. In the heat of the fight, these tips help very conveniently.

What is Modern Combat 5 Mods and Glitches?

Are you in the perception that we are going to tell you how to hack modern combat 5? Are you in search of modern combat 5 mod apk? No, we are not going to give you those, neither we will discuss any of Modern Combat 5 glitches.

On the internet, you will come across loads of codes as cheats for Modern Combat 5. Also, many players are fond of modified game file or Mods and some game glitches.

We are against those mods and glitches that undermine the creativity of the game developers. There is an in-depth integrated micro economy developed by them to balance your game progress and collectables so that the real essence of the game is untouched. Also, we tell you all the recommended glitches are taken care of by Gameloft and use of them may lead to a ban your account.


Playing First person Shooter game always requires skill and fast reflex. Our list of Modern combat 5 cheats is handy in gaining some extra boost at the start of the game. However, you need to play the game efficiently and uniquely with consistency to master it.

Although for some gamer it has been mentioned as a paid to win the game. As a result, these gamers are in search of modern combat 5 mod apk, or modern combat 5 glitches. But we have come across so many players who have achieved the diamond level with all in-game features unlocked without paying a single penny. We strictly advise you to get rid of these mods and glitches.

Our Modern combat 5 hack is based on thorough research and depending on these pro gamer’s gameplay tactics. If you gain from this article, don’t forget to comment in the comment box below.

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