My Story Choose Your Own Path Cheats Hack For Free Diamonds & Tickets

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My Story Choose Your Path

My Story Choose Your Path Cheats Hack For Free Diamonds & Tickets: All of us wished once in our lifetime how amazing it would be if we can live life how we want.

MyStory Hack Tool

To make your wish come true, a fantastic game is here in which you can decide what you wear, what friends you make, what steps you take in your life. In this game, you will write your own story.

You have to choose wisely what action you take; one wrong step and your virtual life will completely change just like it happens in real life. As many other simulation games operate some in-app purchases and thus keep the provision of in-game currency, this game is also like that. Diamonds and tickets are the currency that controls the purchase.

Therefore there is a growing need for these resources along with My story choose your own path cheats. There are some great features in this game, which you must know about this game. Simulation of the game is entirely based on the psychological character within you and hence tricky to get straightway.

In this article, we will familiarize you with a way of life through my story hack that can help you win the game.

Top My Story Choose Your Own Path Cheats & Hacks You Must Know in 2019

How to Earn Diamond And Ticket

1. Social media

To get more tickets and diamonds, you have to keep track of the official Facebook page of this game. Facebook and other social media sites will help you get more points without adopting my story cheats. So, keep following the social media updates.

my story hack

How to hack my story choose your own path

  • Those who are connected to the social media pages of this game will receive extra benefits through regular contests, arranged by the developers.
  • The social media pages send users new offers to get my story free tickets

2. Keep updated

To earn quickly, you have to keep track of the daily updates of this game. Every day something new has been released by which you can receive a diamond. Make sure you follow all the updates and earn as much as you can. My story choose your own path cheats may seem slower path, but it is a steady way to make diamonds.

  • Whenever you get an update, your game will reach one step ahead.
  • There are a lot of offers given daily if you keep track of the updates you will earn quickly.

3. Fulfill the tasks

To keep earning diamonds and tickets, you have to continue fulfilling the tasks you will be given.  Finish whatever daily activities you are assigned. But My story choose your own path cheats dictate that the selected paths are accurate as it can change the whole story.

  • Every chapter you finish in the game will make you earn one diamond.
  • If you complete the task quickly and without any mistakes, you will get a bonus ticket.

4. Unlock more stories

To get more tickets and diamonds, you need to unlock as many stories as you can.  Whenever you complete a story, you get some free diamonds in your account. As you move to the new levels, new offers and diamonds will be waiting for you as my story cheats. The number of stories you unlock has the following advantages:

  • The number of stories you play will add extra diamonds to your account
  • When you play a new story, every new character will add another diamond to your account.

5. Invite friends via social media

If you invite your friends via social media to join this game, you will be given some free tickets and diamonds as my story cheats. To earn more tickets quickly, go to your Facebook or WhatsApp and send them the invites to join this game.

MyStory Hack Tool

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  • If you have a Facebook account, then go to your page open the notification bar, you will receive a ‘send invites’ notification, click on the notification, and send invites.
  • The number of your friends joins the game; the more will be your my story free tickets.

6. Look of Your Character

To earn more tickets, you have to give your character the best look. When your characters look good, you will receive extra diamonds.

  • Now My story choose your own path hack is to give your character the most classic look.
  • If your character does not look good, you will not get tickets.

7. Your Story

It will be entirely your decision what life you live in your virtual world. You will decide whom you meet, whom you marry, whom you date, and what steps you take there. Isn’t it amazing that you can take full control about what goes in your virtual life? In real life, we keep regretting the steps we take and think what if we have chosen the other path?

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Our life would be completely different if we have accepted that path. We do not have an option there, but we do have it here. So My story choose your own path cheats will give you a chance to live life as you want.

8. Control How You Look

In this game, you will have the full right to choose your hairstyle, decide what you wear and get yourself ready. You will find three options for the skin tone, which is light tone, black coloured and multi-coloured. Choose which skin tone you want for yourself and you are done.

For the hairstyle, again you will get three options, but you will get more once you reach the higher level. The same is available for your outfits. Creating the best-looking outfit is prime among our my story cheats.

9. Choose Your Character

You will have the chance to live your dream characters like you can become a doctor, a movie star, a professor or a rich heiress. It has been a dream for so many people to live their dream life. It will be all in your hands.

Once you are done with your look and character, confirmation messages will pop-up on your screen whether you want this look for the future or discard. If you type yes, you will reach the next level and if no, then you will be back to the first level. Creating different looks in leisure and saving it in the game is our next my story choose your own path hack.

What Are the My Story Diamond and Ticket Generator?

Reading this article must have already created a lot of curiosity to know about some My story choose your own path cheats, which can lead you to success playing this.  We will not provide you with any cheat code or mods to earn diamond and ticket in this article.

my story choose your own path generator

My Story Choose Your Own Path Hack Tool Example

Neither we are any my story diamonds generator site to give you unlimited diamonds. You will find only legit ways to earn more diamonds through the gameplay of my story hack.

However, on the internet, many sites are offering a shorter method of generating diamonds and credits through mods and glitches. Some of them also has created a super app called generator who can hack my story game server and give you as many diamonds as you want.

All these my story diamonds generator is hilarious ways to attract you towards their site and gain some advantages. Say no to these sites and head on to our following part to know some tips and hacks but no codes for my story cheats.


So you can understand from this article about the game and how to hack my story while playing. If you have always imagined about some paths you could have taken or want to live a different life, then this game is just for you.

We believe that our list of my story choose your own path cheats will make your story more interesting. Don’t forget to follow them to get a more integrated way in virtual life.

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